Patio Furniture Care and Longevity

Patio Furniture Care and Longevity

Whether you get to enjoy your backyard year-round or only during the warmer months, your outdoor space is an extension of your home. Selecting furniture that is comfortable and attractive as well as durable is essential for a well-appointed outdoor living space. Maximize your patio furniture’s longevity. Invest in long-lasting pieces that will give you peace of mind – even with years of use. Read on for tips on selecting durable outdoor patio furniture for your outdoor space.

Choosing the Right Material for Your Patio Furniture

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Wood patio furniture is durable while also lending a laid-back look. Teak, cedar and eucalyptus are durable selections that can stand up to the weather, while furniture made from natural wicker, oak or pine are not as durable. If you live in an area that experiences high humidity levels or above-average rainfall, you may want to avoid wood, as the water can seep into the wood and cause mould damage. Likewise, if your patio is in an area that receives plenty of sun, painted wood isn’t your best option as the sun can cause the paint to peel.

If you prefer the look of metal patio furniture, steel, wrought iron and aluminum are all durable options. Aluminum furniture is naturally rust-resistant, which helps the pieces last for a long time. For steel or wrought iron furniture, look for pieces with a rust-resistant powder coating.

Plastic patio furniture has come a long way. Pieces made of resin wicker, such as the Minnesota Armless Patio Chair, are sturdy, easy to clean and come in colours and finishes that mimic the look of natural wicker. In addition, plastic patio furniture can withstand harsh weather and be left outside year-round.

The Importance of Maintenance

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No matter how durable the material of the furniture is, it’s still essential to protect the pieces during harsh weather. When it’s cold and you won’t be using the furniture for several months, it’s wise to store the furniture in an outdoor shed or the garage. Covering the pieces with a furniture cover or tarp allows you to use easily use them on unseasonably warm days.

Regular maintenance of the furniture will help the pieces last longer. For example, wrought-iron furniture only needs to be washed with water and waxed several times a year, and you only need to rinse aluminum furniture with a hose. Wood requires more maintenance than metal furniture, but the pieces can last for a long time with the right amount of care. Wood patio furniture typically comes sealed, and you will need to treat it on your own, as well. Treating the wood furniture pieces with a sealer and regular oiling will keep your wood furniture pieces looking new for years to come.

Patio furniture cushions and pillows will make your patio furniture significantly more comfortable; however, some materials are susceptible to mildew. Select a water-resistant fabric with UV protection to help lessen the effects of sun and water damage. During high periods of use, these cushions should be cleaned monthly according to the manufacturer's directions.

Styling Your Patio Furniture

Patio decor ideas are the fun part of new patio furniture, and the layout of your outdoor living area is just as important as your indoor space. Make your patio space your own by adding in umbrellas, rugs, cushions and speakers that align with your aesthetic!

Arranging the furniture to facilitate conversation and ensuring each seat has a spot to rest a drink are two key factors to consider when arranging furniture, so make sure you have plenty of seating and table space for you and your guests. With outdoor furniture, it’s also essential to consider the weather: if you have an outdoor space that is covered, it’s best to keep your less durable pieces protected to prevent damage. If your deck is lacking in shade, an umbrella may be a necessity for you.

If your patio is on the smaller side and you need small patio decor ideas, a large outdoor rug can create the illusion of more space, as can sizing down the furniture.

Outdoor furniture often requires the same investment as indoor furniture, so selecting long-lasting, durable pieces is vital to protect the quality of your furniture. With the proper care, you can enjoy your patio furniture for years of summer nights to come.