Our Best Patio Ideas to Get You Excited for Spring

Okay, a show of hands… who’s ready for spring?

After months of cold, snow and being stuck indoors, we are definitely getting excited for warm days of hanging out on the patio where the birds are chirping, and the flowers are blooming. Patios are perfect places for getting a quick nature fix and maximizing the beautiful outside space around your home.

Patio Décor Ideas for Relaxing

You don’t need to travel to distant lands to find your personal retreat when you have a patio that’s designed with relaxation in mind. Whether your patio is big or small, you can give it a soothing vibe with soft-coloured string lights, flowy curtains, soft textures and lots of green plants. Throw pillows add layers of comfort and an element of coziness to your outdoor seating. Scented candles, outdoor rugs and perhaps a hammock chair swing can also help you find your Zen.

Choose earthy tones that blend in seamlessly with the nature surrounding you rather than bold colours if you’re looking for the ultimate relaxation experience. To shield your eyes and skin from the sun, add a splash of colour with the Shanghai Patio Umbrella that’s resilient enough to withstand the Canadian outdoors and comes with a matching base for easy coordination.

Patio decorating on a budget? Add some mood lighting! Decorative string lights, lamps and even projector screens are some of the easiest ways to transform an outside space without making a big commitment or spending a fortune.

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Patio Décor Ideas for Entertaining

With these patio ideas, you might find yourself unwilling to share your little personal retreat with anyone else! But if you want to share the love this spring, there are plenty of things you can do to outfit your patio for entertaining guests too.

When it comes to outdoor entertaining, the easiest place to start is with seating. We love outdoor sectionals like the Morris 7-Piece Patio Package because they come with the added bonus of storage to stash away cushions, cozy blankets for chilly spring nights and extra patio decorations. For outdoor meals, you’ll want the Vallarta 5-Piece Patio Package or something similar so that you and your guests can gather around the table for a delicious meal that you’ve whipped up on your outdoor barbecue grill. If you’re really into cooking and a total foodie, though, you might even consider upgrading your patio setup to include a full outdoor kitchen.

Meanwhile, you can’t go wrong with a couple of classic Adirondack patio chairs in a fun colour like turquoise that looks out over the landscape or up at the stars on a clear night. If you’re lucky enough to have a pool or hot tub in your yard, these are obvious gathering points for social activity. But if not, you can still make your patio an exciting place to be with some yard games near the patio, such as cornhole toss, lawn Twister, Jenga-style tumbling blocks, horseshoes or bocce ball.

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Spring Patio Must-Haves

If decorating a spring patio is starting to sound a bit overwhelming, don’t sweat it! You don’t need to incorporate all of these ideas to have an amazing patio experience this spring. In fact, most patios only need a couple of upgrades to become instantly more inviting and accommodating for your at-home outdoor enjoyment.

To help you focus your patio decorating just in time for spring, here are our top five recommendations for patio must-haves:

Fun Activities to Do on Your Patio

However, having a great patio involves more than just how it looks because you’ll also want plenty of fun activities to choose from and encourage you to spend more time outside. For example, you can start your day off in a relaxing way by having your morning coffee on the patio and writing in your journal. If you’re working from home, consider setting up an outdoor workstation on your patio as you aim to strike that perfect work-life balance.

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Use an outdoor storage space to store yoga mats and blocks so that you can squeeze in a yoga session for a quick work break or to start your day. When the sun begins to set, surprise your partner with a romantic dinner out on the patio by setting up some mood lighting and candles. From fun and games with the kids to creating nature-inspired art, taking a nap or gazing up at the stars patios in the springtime can be as versatile as you are imaginative!