4 Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day at Home This Year

Many people are switching up Valentine's Day this year and staying at home to celebrate.

Since we love spending time at home around this time of the year, here are our favourite home Valentine's ideas to enjoy with the one you love without ever leaving the house.

1. Try Cooking a New Cuisine Together

Are you and your partner stuck in a food prep rut? You know, the kind where one person always makes breakfast, while the other is in charge of making dinner every night?

There's something refreshing about switching up old routines, starting with our most basic need – food!

Instead of taking turns in the kitchen like you usually do to maximize efficiency, make your kitchen a place you spend time together for Valentine's Day. You can spice things up even more by looking up recipes and choosing an adventurous cuisine that comes from a place you'd love to visit together one day. Think ceviche if you are dreaming of Peru, baklava for the romance of Greece or shekla tibs to experience the flavours of Ethiopia.

Let your taste buds be your travel guide, and let your partner be your inspiration to explore the world together in the future!

2. Cuddle Up on a Loveseat and Just Chill

If you and your significant other have been together for a while, chances are that you're pretty entrenched in your routines and often feel too busy to slow down to chat and cuddle. Our favourite way to slow down the pace of life is with a plush and luxurious loveseat that practically begs to be cuddled on, such as the Reese Chenille Loveseat or the Olivia Leather-Look Fabric Loveseat .

And you're in luck because both of these loveseats come in red, which is absolutely perfect for Valentine's Day!

Make your loveseat a special "no phones" zone where you focus on each other without distractions. When you get up from the loveseat, anything goes. But as long as you're sitting there together, it's all about the two of you and no one else.

3. Embrace Cheesy Rom-Coms for Movie Night

Who needs a theatre when you have your very own personal entertainment centre at home to be ultra-comfy and cozy in your pyjamas and with your favourite snacks nearby in the fridge?

To gear up for your Valentine's ideas at home, now is the time to pick up a big-screen TV like the Samsung 65-inch 4K Smart Television, which will look perfect in the rustic Knox Entertainment Centre with a 74'' TV Opening. This entertainment centre gets Valentine's Day bonus points because it has its very own fireplace built-in for warmth and ambiance.

Break out the cheesy rom-com for movie night and get ready to snuggle!

Devlin Velvet Sofa - Green

4. Lighten Up with Some Games

Home Valentine's ideas don't have to be complicated or difficult to pull off, which is why they're perfect for focusing on each other instead of gifts and extravagance. To celebrate the holiday with your partner, pull out some old board games that you haven't played for ages or shop online for a new game that you think you'll both enjoy.

Video games more your style? As long as both of you are on board with the idea, challenge your sweetie to a fun console or PC game on Valentine's Day. If you're looking for a unique Valentine's Day gift that keeps on giving with plenty of fun for future game nights, how about going retro with an authentic Pac-Man or pinball arcade-style game right in your basement!