All About the Accent Chair: Why You Need One and What to Look For

Where's your favourite place to sit in your house?

The most basic and functional chairs in a home tend to be office chairs, recliners and dining room chairs. But there's something to be said for the almighty accent chair, an underrated piece of furniture that should no longer go unnoticed!

Why redecorate an entire room when you can get similar results with minor tweaks, such as adding an accent chair into the mix?

What Is an Accent Chair?

Unlike exclusively functional chairs in a home, accent chairs have a dual purpose of providing seating while also being a design element. Accent chairs bring out colour in a room and solidify a design theme you're going for, such as rustic, modern or retro.

Accent chairs are super stylish, comfortable and might just become your favourite chair in the house! They're versatile and ideal additions to living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. Some hallways and bathrooms even look amazing with an accent chair in the corner.

To take the guesswork out of colour and design coordination, you can buy a multi-piece furniture set that includes a sofa, loveseat and accent chair. That's definitely the way to go if you want a streamlined and straightforward solution for your home. However, we think it's often more fun to mix and match to find a truly unique accent chair that goes beyond just providing extra seating space and gives your room more visual intrigue.

Brinley Velvet Accent Chair

Interior Designers Love Accent Chairs, and You Should Too!

Accent chairs let you instantly spruce up a room with a pop of colour that stands out. This one modest piece of furniture can bring new brightness to a tired old space and create a focal point that shifts your entire perception of the room.

Even if you've chosen to stay neutral with your overall furniture and wall colours, accent chairs lend themselves perfectly for experimentation and going bold. Here's where you can let your personality shine and go out on a limb with a creative style of chair because there's just one of them, and the whole point is to attract the eye and spark the imagination. Since many accent chairs only get occasional use and aren't as prone to spills and stains, feel free to try out a luxurious fabric over one that's more basic and practical for this particular piece of furniture.

So Many Types of Accent Chairs to Choose From

Choosing the right accent chair for your space mainly comes down to deciding if you want it to be a focal point, blend into the background or bring balance to the rest of the room. Accent chairs can either be dramatic or understated, depending on the one you pick, and you can find ones that are either more fashionable or more practical to update your room.

Accent Chairs

Shop The Brick Accent Chairs Online or In-Store

If this article has you dreaming about what an accent chair can do to liven up one of your favourite rooms, then you're in the right place. The Brick is Canada's favourite place to find accent chairs and we have so many styles to choose from that you're bound to fall in love with at least a few.

We suggest the Lynn Velvet Swivel Accent Chair in blue for glamourous luxury and great conversation, with its button tufting and swivel base to turn towards whoever’s talking. To kick back and relax, consider an accent chair that comes with its matching ottoman for a touch of mid-century retro and modern design. Go bold with a bright red accent chair, or stay neutral with the nature-inspired theme .The choice is up to you!

You can shop online for The Brick accent chairs or book a shopping appointment to see our chairs in-person at a store near you. Sometimes all it takes is one chair to breathe new life into a room that you love spending time in!