TV Buying Guide

Buying a television can be an overwhelming process, and you need to consider multiple factors such as size, technology and how you will display the TV. Whether you want a smart TV, the best TV for gaming or the best TV for movies with the family, this television buying guide will demystify the TV buying process. Read on for everything you need to know about buying a new television.

Choosing a TV Size

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to selecting a TV. The two primary factors to consider when you’re determining the TV size you need are room size and budget. How far your seating is from the screen and how you will use the TV will help you determine the best size. If your TV is in your bedroom, you may choose to go smaller. However, if you need a TV for a media room, you may decide to go as large as the wall.

Samsung 55-inch TU7000 4K Crystal UHD Television


The primary differences between OLED and LED TVs are quality and price. While LED TVs are priced starting under $500, an OLED TV is at least $1,000 for a smaller model. OLED TVs have a superior picture quality, are thinner, lighter and use less energy. The LG 65" 4K OLED UHD Television is a thin, art-inspired TV that doesn’t have a gap between the screen to the wall. The OLED pixels emit their own light for perfect black, intense colour and stunning picture. An LED TV, such as the LG 65" UP70 4K UHD Television, has a slim profile, enhanced colour and brightness – plus it comes with a lower price tag.

The 4K TV Difference

With "Ultra-High-Definition TV", also know as 4K resolution TV, millions of pixels join together to create the image on the screen. These extra pixels give a 4K TV more dynamic colours, allow you to see finer detail (even in dark scenes), and eliminate blur on fast-moving action scenes or sports.

A 4K TV, such as the LG 70” 4K Smart UHD Television maximizes your entertainment and gaming while enhancing colour, contrast, clarity and detail.

TV Wall Mounting

Most TVs come with a stand to allow easy placement on a piece of furniture, but if you would rather mount your television to a wall there are many styles of TV mount available.

A full motion wall mount, such as the Kanto PDX680 Full Motion Mount extends up to 24 inches away from the wall and offers 18 degrees of tilt. While the Kanto FMC1 Telescoping Corner Wall Mount fits snugly into a corner to save you space.

Samsung 55-inch The Frame QLED 4K UHD Smart TV

The Benefit of Smart TVs

With a Smart TV you can get the news, weather reports and connect to your favourite streaming services, like Netflix or Disney+ right from your television. Smart TV technology may include a full web browser (a computer built into your TV!) or a lighter version that displays apps just like your favourite smartphone. Either way, you need Wi-Fi available to access these amazing Smart TV features.

TVs for Gaming and Movies

If you’re serious about gaming, an OLED TV with low-latency and fast refresh rates, such as the Sony 55" BRAVIA XR A80J 4K OLED TV is 4K gaming-optimized powerhouse.

If you’re an avid movie fan, an OLED TV, such as the Sony BRAVIA XR A90J 4K HDR OLED smart Google TV provides awe-inspiring contrast and our brightest-ever OLED picture.

While there are many factors to consider when shopping for a TV, knowing how you will use it will help guide you in your decision. Whether you're a movie buff who wants to suspend reality with the best in ultra-high-definition TV or a casual viewer who values the convenience of a smart TV's built-in apps – with a little research, you'll find the TV that's best for you.