What’s Under Your Mattress? The Best Options for Below Your Bed.

When it comes to choosing a new bed, many people focus exclusively on the mattress – and for good reason! Mattresses come in a wide variety of types, materials, and levels of firmness to plushness, platforms and bedframes.

However, it’s just as important to pay attention to what’s under your mattress to ensure good mattress support, comfort and longevity. This article will define and describe the main types of mattress support to choose from, including boxsprings, adjustable foundations, platforms and bed frames.

What Goes Under a Mattress?

There isn't a single right answer to this question because fortunately, you have a few different options available for mattress support. But no matter which option you choose, mattress support has many benefits, including reducing wear and tear on your mattress and lengthening its lifespan.

Having some kind of mattress support underneath your mattress will prevent sagging, absorb shock, keep the mattress clean, and raise the mattress height for greater ease while getting into and out of bed. Furthermore, majority of mattress warranties will only be valid if you have some kind of mattress support in place.

Do I Need a Boxspring?

You might be tempted to skip the boxspring to reduce costs when buying a new mattress. Many modern mattresses are designed to be comfortable enough to not require a boxspring for comfort. However, a boxspring offers many things that a mattress alone simply can’t – impact absorption, a strong and flat surface for your mattress, and elevated height for accessibility. Boxsprings are also great because they typically leave a little room under the bed for extra storage.

Although you do need to put your mattress on something, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a boxspring. There are other options, such as the ones described below.

What Is a Platform Bed?

 A boxspring alternative is the platform bed, which is created when a bed comes with a platform surface that is solid or has several slats. Platform beds feel differently than boxsprings and can take some getting used to.

Platform foundations may not feel as comfortable initially because they are stationary and don’t “give” like boxsprings do. However, they are better for distributing weight on your mattress and work well aesthetically with contemporary decor. They can have low profiles for a minimalist look, flat surfaces for extra firmness, or slatted surfaces for flexibility and better airflow.

 What Is an Adjustable Mattress Foundation?

To take your bed to the next level, consider getting a mattress foundation with an power adjustable base. These beds have high-tech features that allow you to raise your legs, raise your head and even offer massaging features.

Adjustable base beds are wonderful when you want to read a book or watch TV in bed, prop up tired feet or soothe sore muscles at the end of a long day. Simply use the included remote to program your optimal positions, and then charge your devices while you sleep with the USB ports on each side of the base.

 Bed Frame without Boxspring

 Using a bed frame for your mattress without a boxspring is not recommended. This is because a bed frame alone generally does not provide nearly enough support to prevent mattress sagging and distortion. 

Mattress support is one of those things you rarely think about until you have a stiff back, hear squeaking, or feel yourself sinking down into your mattress. For those times, The Brick offers mattresses sets and accessories to help you create your own personalized sleeping space that feels amazing from the moment you get into bed until your alarm goes off in the morning. Stop by The Brick store nearest you or browse our selection of under-mattress options online!