How to Keep Your Closet Clutter-Free with Organizational Furniture

When people don’t want to see or deal with messes in the house, they often shove things away out of sight in a closet. But a messy closet makes it impossible to find what you’re looking for in a hurry, or when you need something specific. Since this is especially true for coat closets in hallways and by the front door, here are some tips for how to keep this space clutter-free by using coat racks and other organizational furniture.

Coat Racks

One of the best ways to free up closet space in your hall closet is to buy a coat rack. Modern coat racks have become much more stylish than you might think and come in a variety of colours, finishes, and styles.

For example, our Lumai Coat Rack has a traditional style and 10 hooks, as well as a built-in umbrella holder. Our North Avenue Coat Rack has a square base and an industrial vibe with convenient shelves for your wallet, keys, and maybe even your dog’s accessories. Meanwhile, The Brick’s Mona Coat Rack is sleek and stylish with a contemporary look that will go well with any décor scheme.

We love coat racks because they allow more space for coats and other outerwear pieces. They prevent wet or snowy coats from getting other pieces of clothing in your closet wet, plus they help keep your entryway from feeling messy and cluttered. Coat racks with shelves even offer valuable storage space for shoes, winter accessories and pet supplies for walks.

Hall Stands

Another wonderful piece of furniture for hallways is the hall stand, which takes some of the storage burden off of your coat closet. In a hall stand, you can enhance the beauty of your entryway while simultaneously adding more storage with hooks, cubbies and drawers.

Our unique Juno Storage Hall Bench, for example, has hidden shoe compartments for your most-worn shoes, hooks for coats and hats, and even reversible door fronts so you can write a note to your family on the chalkboard side. Hall stands like our Sawyer Hall Tree offer a convenient place to sit down and tie your shoes and also a mirror to check your appearance one last time before heading out the door.


Bookcases can also be effective storage solutions to help organize messy closets, especially if your mess involves lots of hats, gloves, scarves, and handbags. Consider placing a bookshelf near your entryway to hold some of these overflow items on the bottom shelves and then more decorative and artistic items on the top shelves for added flair. Depending on the best location for your shelving unit, you can choose a corner bookcase, a tall and skinny bookcase, or an abstract design bookcase for a touch of intrigue.

Storage Trunks and Benches

If you don’t want your coat closet items out on display for everyone to see, then consider getting a trunk or bench with a hidden storage compartment. These are great places to stash away outerwear that you don’t use very often or an overflow of hats, scarves, and gloves.

One example is our North Avenue Storage Bench that has hidden storage with a divider and a bottom shelf for extra shoes. For an elegant look, you can also place our Milan Storage Ottoman near your front door to stash away spare blankets or toys that are taking up too much room in your hall closet. This is a chic accent piece and a comfy place to sit as you’re bundling up to go outside on a cold day.

Where to Find Closet Storage Items

Not only can all these storage solutions make you feel more organized at home, but they are also useful when you are hosting a party or just having a few guests over. You can trust The Brick for your closet organization needs, and you can browse accent furniture pieces online to get a better sense of what you like.

Shop online for delivery or pickup, or stop by one of our stores to see our collection in-person. We look forward to helping you get your closet mess under control and get your life more organized!