The 5 Perfect Small Appliances to Gift This Holiday Season

With all that 2020 has thrown our way, the holiday season couldn’t have come fast enough this year!

If you’ve started thinking about holiday gift ideas for family and friends (and we highly recommend you do), small kitchen appliances are a great place to start. A small appliance is so useful especially now with people spending more time at home, getting more creative in the kitchen, and trying to be as healthy as possible.

Here are The Brick’s top five recommendations for small kitchen appliance gift ideas.

1. Stay Warm and Cozy with a Programmable Electric Tea Kettle

Still heating water in the microwave or in a pot on the stove to make tea? Nope – there’s a better way!

Every tea lover deserves a high-tech electric kettle to get the perfect temperature for different kinds of tea and enjoy the flavours as nature intended. We love the Cuisinart PerfecTemp kettle because it has six steeping selections and no cords to clutter up the countertop. Busy mornings just got easier and evenings a bit cozier with your favourite green, black, oolong and herbal teas.

2. Skip the Coffee Shop with Cold Brew Right at Home

For the coffee aficionado in your life who’s spending more time at home these days, The Brick has lots of coffee station ideas to choose from. Give the gift of smooth and balanced cold brew with the KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker with a built-in tap to keep an at-home coffee bar available on-demand and tasting fresh for up to two weeks.

Getting a daily caffeine fix has never been so fun or satisfying.

3. Make Perfect Paninis with a Griddler

Does someone you know love grilled cheese sandwiches? Obsessed with burgers?

A Cuisinart Griddler is perfect for these comfort foods, as well as healthy grilled vegetables and gourmet paninis with fresh and seasonal ingredients. The best kitchen appliances make life at home easier and more delicious, which is why we love this gift idea for creating restaurant-quality sandwiches that are as thick and overstuffed as your heart desires.

Cuisinart Griddler 5

4. Healthier Meals with a Compact Mini Food Processor

Who could make good use of a food processor? Probably everyone on your holiday shopping list!

Lightweight and compact, the KitchenAid Mini Food Processor is an ideal gift for someone who wants to eat healthier, cook more and save time on meal prep. These kitchen accessories dice, puree and mix for greater efficiency and fun in the kitchen. As a bonus, they come in some fun colours too!

Cuisinart Custom 14-Cup Food Processor

5. The Best of Both Worlds with a Steam and Convection Oven

Another great kitchen appliance gift for the health-conscious loved one on your shopping list is a mini oven that simultaneously offers both steam heat and convection heat like the Cuisinart Combo Steam + Convection Oven – it’s the best of both worlds.

The steam reduces cooking time by up to 40% while preserving all the vitamins and minerals needed to healthily get through the winter season. Meanwhile, the convection feature is perfect for browning meats and creating crispy crusts. This multi-functional little powerhouse of an appliance can do everything from bake to toast, broil, steam and warm for easy and nutritious meals at home.

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We all deserve the sort of happiness and cheer that only the holidays can bring through the spirit of generosity and fun surprises. And chances are that many people on your shopping list could benefit from a small appliance upgrade or a brand-new kitchen accessory to inspire sharing more delicious homecooked meals with loved ones.

Book an in-store consultation to see these amazing products in-person or shop online today to get into the spirit of giving this season!