5 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Your Home

Are you tired of making the same old New Year’s resolutions year after year only to find yourself disappointed when December rolls around?

Maybe now is the time shift your focus to your home and make a few household project resolutions so that you can see the results and feel great about your progress! Here are a few New Year’s resolution ideas for home projects that will make you love where you live in 2021.

1. Get Organized with Strategic Storage

Getting organized is always a top New Year’s resolution, and an tidy home is a great starting point for getting the rest of your life organized too.

Solve a cluttered laundry room with a pedestal with a storage drawer, like the LG Laundry Pedestal, and you’ll have a perfect place to stash away detergent, stain remover spray and miscellaneous cleaning products. Meanwhile, winter coats hanging by the front door are easily stored away with an ultra-functional Tyler Storage Bench placed next to a North Avenue Coat Rack with shelves in addition to the hooks.

2. Rearrange Your Living Room

If your budget is tight this holiday season, just remember that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to give your home a whole new look!

The high-traffic area of the living room is a great place to do a full furniture rearrange as a way of breathing new life into your existing sofas and chairs. Consider where the windows are and give yourself a whole new perspective from where you sit. Sometimes one simple addition, like a Lynn Velvet Swivel Accent Chair or a Marseille Chairside Table, can tie together your existing pieces of furniture in truly transformational ways.

Living Room Furniture

3. Reduce Your Household Energy Use

Does someone you know love grilled cheese sandwiches? Obsessed with burgers?

Another great New Year’s resolution for your home is to be more energy-efficient and do your part to protect the environment. Perhaps it’s time to upgrade old and inefficient appliances in the kitchen because this is a huge source of energy consumption in the average Canadian household.

By switching to the LG Energy Star® Bottom-Mount Refrigerator with its multi-air flow design and smart cooling system sticking to your resolution of reducing energy consumption will be practically effortless. Or go the extra mile by saving energy while also conserving water and lowering your utility bill with the Bosch Recessed Handle Dishwasher.

4. Create Spaces for Relaxation

Who’s ready for a more relaxing year this time around?

Make your home your private sanctuary by creating Zen-like spaces in various rooms to relax and recharge. Add cozy touches to bedrooms and offices to remind you to take a break and slow down the busy pace of life. Try incorporating more plants, throw blankets, accent pillows and an essential oil diffuser or two to wrap yourself in comfort and ease your mind when stress arises.

Decorative Pillows

5. Make Your Home a Safe Haven

Sticking with the theme of creating a relaxing 2021 for you and your family, now is a great time to make upgrades to your home security that will make it feel safer and more secure. With the UltraLink HD Pan and Tilt Wi-Fi Camera in your home, you can monitor what’s going on from anywhere in the world. It’s also a great way to keep an eye on kids and pets when you’re out of the house to make sure everyone is safe.

Start Your Year Off Right at The Brick

The new year is a perfect time to commit to these types of projects and make your home look and feel just like you’ve always dreamed. Shop online or at a store near you to start 2021 off right in a home filled with positivity, personality, and love.