Furniture Trends for 2023

As 2023 begins to unfold, it’s time to consider what’s in store for home decor. The new year has us looking back to the designs of the 1970s – with a few modern twists. Comforting earthy tones combined with rich wood accents and bold metallics take center stage this year, and The Brick is proud to present a variety of options for an on-trend revamp.

Bring Back the Colour

When it comes to furniture trends for 2023, colour is back in style after years of white and grey being at the forefront of popularity. From eye-catching jewel tones to natural, comforting earth tones, it’s time to bring some spice to your living space.

Jewel-toned furniture adds a rich, regal feel while acting as a bold centerpiece in any room – think ruby reds, emerald greens and royal blues when deciding on large furnishings or accent pieces. The key to jewel tones is to apply them with intention, since they immediately draw the eye. Consider what areas of your home you’d like to make the focal points and play them up with deep, saturated seating or glamorous accent pillows and cabinets.

On the flip side, earth tones offer a cozy atmosphere with a more neutral palette – not to be confused with “boring,” these warm colours are rooted in nature and bring the outdoors in. Rustic oranges, yellows and dusty pinks will provide you with a dose of colour while remaining subdued and soothing. Charming hues reminiscent of the 1970s featured in an accent chair or area rug bring warmth to our list of furniture colour trends for 2023.

Metallic Flair

What pairs well with both bright and subdued colours? Metallic accents, of course! Mixing metals on light fixtures, mirrors and even furniture legs is a brilliant way of bringing a sleek, modern twist to your space. Bronze and gold will add warmth and old-school glam, while silver brightens and cools. Combine these metals with different colours and patterns to create the perfect look in any room.

Soft Curves

The organic look of curved furniture brings the flow that’s found in the environment right into our homes.

Juxtapose metal accents with the gentle curves and organic shapes of mid-century modern furniture. This timeless option offers elegant simplicity, and when it comes to furniture trends for 2023, The Brick carries a variety of styles to fit your needs.

Sofas, sectionals and chairs with plush cushions and rounded edges will add softness to a room while also providing incredible comfort. Plus, they pair beautifully with oval tabletops and curved arc lamps – but don’t stop there; keep the trend going with arched bookshelves, round light fixtures and circular rugs to really pull everything together.

Avoiding too many harsh lines will make your space appear more natural and inviting, so you can truly relax.

At The Brick, we have the inspiration you need to give your space a stylish refresh for the new year and embrace the furniture trends for 2023. Stop by one of our locations to start shopping or browse our website from the comfort of your own home.