Designing a Kid-Friendly Bedroom (Choosing Durable Furniture)

Are you looking to upgrade your kids’ bedroom furniture with something durable, stylish and functional? The Brick has you covered! We’re here to help you choose the best materials and most durable furniture fabrics for your home. With tons of options for kids’ furniture in a range of styles, colours, materials and fabrics, you’re sure to find something that checks every box.


A wide variety of our kids’ bedroom furniture is made with durable materials like metal and different variations of wood for long-lasting quality. Both are durable, sturdy options that are great choices depending on your needs. Working in a smaller space? Look for metal pieces, as they provide a lighter feel in a room with open airflow sightlines. If you’re creating a cozier, more traditional vibe, wood furniture never goes out of style. And as a bonus option, consider outdoor furniture materials as well. Let’s break down each durable material, so you can make the best choice for your kid’s bedroom furniture.


One of the best material choices for kids’ bedroom furniture pieces like beds, desks, bookshelves, nightstands and more is metal. It’s easy to clean, is stain and scratch-resistant, and can come in tons of fun colours, shapes and sizes. With what kids can put their furniture through as they grow, the durability of metal furniture can’t be beat.

Metal decor is also visually striking, so if you’re looking to upgrade your kids’ bedroom furniture with a sense of modern flair, this is a fantastic option. The clean lines of metal furniture create the illusion of more open space, which is perfect for the smaller areas in your home.

Another great thing about metal furniture is it can be less expensive than other options. This is something to consider with some kid’s furniture pieces that you might not keep for long periods of time.


Wood pieces are a more traditional choice for kids’ bedroom furniture, and for good reason! Wood can come in a variety of colours, create a cozy vibe and offer different variations of durability. For kids’ furniture, we recommend solid hardwoods or engineered woods as they are some of the strongest options. There are multiple wood furniture pieces available at The Brick, from bedframes and bedroom packages, to dressers, desks, bookcases and even crib and toddler beds.

Fun Tip: teakwood is one of the strongest woods available in furniture construction.

Outdoor Materials

Typically used for outdoor furniture, materials like powder-coated metals, high-gloss finishes and polypropylene fabrics are designed for long-lasting durability. They are stain-resistant and can be great when used in high-traffic areas frequented by kids. Using them for your kid’s bedroom furniture is a fun and unconventional style choice – plus, it results in easier cleanup.


Now that you know more about the materials being used to create your kids’ furniture, it’s important not to overlook durable furniture fabric as well. Kids love to play, eat, spill, draw and more in their bedrooms, so it’s best to outfit the room with fabrics that can stand up to the test. Let’s look through some of the best durable furniture fabrics available:

Synthetic Options

Some of the most popular fabrics used in kids’ furniture are synthetic. Options such as microfibre, polyester, nylon, acrylic (an imitation wool), olefin, vinyl (an affordable alternative to leather), Crypton® (antimicrobial fabric with a liquid barrier to repel stains) and Ultrasuede® are all designed to resist wear and tear.

Oftentimes, these fabrics are blended with others to create more durable products that won’t stretch or shrink. Wool and cotton are great choices for resistance to staining, wrinkling, fading and pilling, and when blended with synthetic fibres offer even more durability. Microfibre and polyester are the most common, as they are affordable and easy to clean.

Wicker / Rattan

Rattan furniture in a wicker style is very trendy right now, especially in kids’ furniture, and can create a bohemian aesthetic, or even just add a bit of natural texture to a room. Pieces made with this material have typically been designed to be outside and to withstand the elements, so it makes sense that they would hold up indoors as well. Plus, it’s able to stand up against stains, spills and nearly anything else your child may put it through.

Leather and Faux Leather

Potentially an unconventional choice, leather or faux leather for kids’ furniture make some of the best options for their durable nature and easy-to-clean surface. They can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use and are easy to wipe down. The Brick carries colourful ottomans, a large selection of lamps in a variety of colours, beds and more if you’re looking for a unique choice for your little one’s space.


To cozy up your child’s bedroom, consider adding a rug. They are created out of polypropylene, which is a plastic resistant to fatigue that features good impact strength. It has anti-static qualities, so hair and fur won’t stick to it, making it easy to maintain and great for kids’ rooms.

Fabric Tips

Zipper coverings are also an excellent choice for a variety of furniture items. Being able to remove the covers to clean them eliminates the hassle of spot cleaning and waiting for things to dry.

Choosing colours and patterns with kids in mind is recommended when upgrading your little one’s bedroom. Light-coloured fabrics will almost always show stains, whereas darker fabrics or those with patterns will do a better job at hiding any dirt and marks, meaning they will last longer.

Once you’ve decided on the best durable furniture fabric for your kids’ furniture, it’s important to know how to care for it. Check out our blog post on How to Care for Your Upholstered Furniture to learn the best tips for keeping your new items in tip-top shape.

At The Brick, we want your child to have a fun and safely decorated bedroom and are proud to present everything you need to bring your ideas to life. Stop by one of our store locations to shop in person or continue your online shopping journey at