Your Guide to Area Rugs

The 4 C’s of Shopping for a Rug

Like a master jeweller sizing up a diamond, finding the perfect area rug comes down to 4 C’s:

  1. Cut

  2. Colour

  3. Comfort

  4. Care

    So whether you’re simply pinning your favourites in preparation for an upcoming room revival, or about to hit “Add to Cart” on that gorgeous statement rug, make sure your new find will properly fit your space and suit your needs.

    1. Cut

    Cut refers to the dimensions of this simple yet versatile piece of decor. When measuring your floor space, keep in mind the purpose of your area rug. Will it be a superstar showpiece for your living room? Will it be the floor-saver under your desk chair? How about a soft space for the kids to play while you practice yoga?

    Statement Area Rugs

    If it’s a statement piece you’re after, you’ll want to ensure your rug is big enough to draw attention but not so large as to be confused for the carpet. To manage this balance, focus on the centre of your room and work outwards. Since you want this rug for its looks, don’t hide it beneath a couch or chairs.

    If your space requires furniture, then plot each piece’s sitting area so you can see how large or small the space is between all of the pieces. If the space does not have furniture, simply determine the ratio of rug to bare floor you want for the space and measure accordingly.

      Functional Area Rugs

      This same layout tip also works if you want a rug that is focused more on function than looks. In this case, you want your furniture to be covering the rug, so decide how much of an overlap you want (if any) between your rug and your furniture. That feeling of stepping out of bed barefoot onto a warm, soft rug? Heaven.

        2. Colour

        Finding a colour you’ll love is much simpler than deciding on dimensions. If the rug is meant to be a statement piece you have more options for playing with colour and pattern. If your rug will be used to tie together other elements of your room, look for a rug from the same colour family.

        If you want your rug to add a fresh splash of colour in a monochrome room, play with a bold hue or add a complementary shade from the opposite side of the colour wheel.

          3. Comfort

          Whether inside or outdoors, dining or relaxing, working or playing, when it comes to area rugs, comfort is in the pile.

          Pile? That’s the industry term for the density and length of the fibres.

          Since it is less likely to leave worn patches and grooves, a closely cut pile may better withstand high traffic areas and make it easier to shuffle furniture over top. A lush, high pile provides softness underfoot and cozy seating for playtime or movie night.

            4. Care

            Again, consider the role your new area rug will play in your space. If your rug will be in a low traffic area free of common messes, then you’ll be able to go for a deluxe piece with less worry about it being ruined. Luckily, if it will be in a high-traffic area with lots of little feet and tails passing through, you still have lots of options to choose from.

            Many of the rugs sold at The Brick are made with easy-to-clean, 100% recyclable polypropylene. This durable fibre is anti-static, soil-resistant, and it doesn’t get matted with hair and fur. It also maintains shape and colour with very little maintenance. Regular vacuuming is all these rugs need to keep looking fresh.

            If you want your rug to look not only good but pristine, have your rug professionally cleaned every two to five years. Otherwise, if a spill should happen, simply use a sponge and mild detergent to gently and quickly dab out the stain.

            Finally, what can you do to keep your pets from ruining your new rug? For more information on keeping your space fur- and scratch-free, check out our tips on pet-friendly furniture.