The Back-to-School Must-Haves for College Students

It doesn’t get much more exciting than moving into your very own dorm room or apartment near campus! Sure, essential back-to-school list items still include things like notebooks and pens. But you may also need a few key pieces of furniture and other small items before diving back into school mode.

Check out these quintessential back-to-school small appliances and college furniture!

Ergonomically Upgrade Your Life

You’re soon going to be spending many hours on your computer to do research, type papers, play games, and socialize. For all of these reasons, ergonomic chairs are at the top of our back-to-school list items. These chairs are awesome at supporting your neck and back while spending long hours online. Treat your body to comfort and support while you diligently work and study!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how uncomfortable is your dorm mattress? We’re guessing you aren’t going to give it a five-star rating. While you have ergonomics in mind, why not pick up an ultra-supportive Bedgear Performance Pillow.

Don’t stop there, add some personality to your dorm with a plush Brianna 3-piece Comforter Set to make your bed as comfy as possible.

Modern Bedroom With A Dark Wood Bedframe and Grey Top Sheet

A Sweet Place to Sit and Nap

The futon is the quintessential piece of college furniture that’s affordable and versatile enough to be both a bed and a couch. The hottest futon styles right now are minimalistic and modern, but still extra-comfy futons so you don’t sacrifice style for function. Futons for the college lifestyle are black, gray, and navy blue –dark colors that don’t easily show dirt or stains. Affordable and functional…perfect for college life!

Some futons that are perfect for college life are the Sealy Futon in navy blue because of its plush and cozy design and the June Linen-Look Fabric Futon in grey because of its easy, breezy style. Get what you need now and worry about the cost later thanks to our flexible financing options.

Store, Display & Don’t Hide Away

In the close quarters of college living, finding enough space to store your stuff can be tough. That’s why we love open-concept bookshelves for a simple, sleek back-to-school solution. Get creative with your display as you find perfectly sized places for your books, photo frames, plants, clothes, and maybe even a portable speaker or two.

Small, but Mighty, Appliances

Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean it can’t be accommodating and have all the comforts of home!

One of the most important small appliances for a college dorm or apartment is the mini-fridge. You might be surprised how many leftovers and drinks you can squeeze into modern mini fridges! They’re perfect for storing your snacks and leftovers saving you money and keeping it all right at your fingertips.

Blenders have made a comeback in the college lifestyle due to their compact form and ability to whip up quick nutritious smoothies perfect for a meal on the go or a pre-workout boost. Similarly, a Frigidaire K-Cup Compatible Single Serve Coffee Maker is an absolute necessity for many students thanks to the late nights study sessions and early morning classes. With the combined help of these two useful appliances, you’ll always be sprightly and ready to take on your day!

Once you’ve finished with your daily classes, pop last night’s leftovers or a frozen meal into your Panasonic Microwave Oven that’s specially designed to preserve more nutrients in your foods for a healthy semester.

Assortment of Kitchen Appliances and Breads On A Kitchen Counter

Get Financing for Your College Furniture

Everyone knows that budgets are tight as a college student, which is why The Brick makes it easy to afford the back-to-school essentials you need.

One popular option among college students is the Brick Visa Desjardins Card, which offers the best of both worlds with low monthly payments and being able to use the card anywhere that accepts Visa. The Flexiti card is another great financing option that is accepted at nearly 5,000 retail locations across Canada so you can pay off your purchases in a time frame that works for you.

Are you ready to tackle whatever the school year throws your way?