Brick Team // Aug 14, 2023

10 Must-Dos Before Buying New Home Appliances

There are many reasons you may be looking to buy new kitchen appliances or laundry machines. Here are top 10 must-dos before you buy a new major home appliance.

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Brick Team // Jul 25, 2023

The Top 10 Must-Dos Before Buying a Refrigerator

Here are the top 10 must-dos before buying a refrigerator and tips to figure out what refrigerator to buy for your family.

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Brick Team // Apr 27, 2023

Gas vs. Electric Stove: What You Need to Know Before Buying a New Cooking Appliance

Here is a comparison of gas vs. electric stoves and what homeowners should know before making this important type of kitchen upgrade.

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Brick Team // Jan 8, 2023

The Positive Impact Getting a New Fridge Will Have on Your Family

Here are some of the many ways how a new refrigerator can positively impact your life and the lives of your family members.

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Brick Team // Aug 19, 2019

Small Appliances, Big Difference: The Best Small Kitchen Appliances You Need Right Now

Here are some recommendations for the best kitchen appliances everyone needs around the holidays and holiday cooking hacks to get you into a festive mood with food.

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Brick Team // Dec 11, 2018

Your Guide to Bar Stools

Bar stools can provide a multitude of functions in many different spaces. With a wide range of uses and styles, the hardest part will be not buying one for every room in your home!

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Brick Team // Nov 16, 2018

Holiday Entertaining: Essentials to Invest In

Invest in high-quality appliances, a flexible dining set and comfortable seating to ensure your holiday entertaining plans go off without a hitch.

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