Style Primer: Rustic

Do you love getting cozy next to a roaring fireplace? Do you also enjoy canoeing, taking in natural vistas or escaping to the cabin every chance you get? Then you are probably an admirer of rustic home decor.

What is rustic decor?

Rustic home decor became fashionable among the U.S. upper class during the late 19th century, when they would decorate their country homes to reflect their surroundings. Think of the hunting lodge or a ski chalet – the ambience you want to create is both natural and cozy. Look to movies like The Great Outdoors or images from Muskoka or other cottage-rich areas to find inspiration for your sanctuary.

What does this style look like?

The fundamental features of rustic decor include natural materials featuring distressed textures, plush upholstery and very basic finishes. Coordinating colours should be inspired by nature – rich, red fall leaves, deep pine greens and lake-hued blues are just some pigments to consider. Simplicity and relaxation is the name of this decor game.

Here are some key factors to look out for when shopping for the perfect pieces for your rustic home.

Don't Skimp on the Wood

The most important thing to remember when shopping for rustic decor is that wood is the star of the show. You want wood pieces with character, texture and a hand-finished or raw look. Whether you're considering an unfinished wood wall, a natural-toned dining table or a varnished hardwood floor, focus on creating an inviting and homey space for your friends and family. Plus, these simple finishes allow your furniture to match a variety of other accessories as your tastes dictate.

Favourite Example: Chunky and naturally finished, this Brownstone dining table provides an effortless family gathering space. Combine it with faux leather dining chairs for a slightly upscale look, or take the country route and encircle this dining table with linen-like seats.

Reclaim the Wood Look

Speaking of timber, reclaimed wood provides an instantly raw and rustic upgrade. Reused wood has a weathered, unpolished appearance which is perfect as either an accent or an anchor to set the tone of your room. The best part about reclaimed wood is the uniqueness of each piece – each room in your home can have its own character.

Favourite Example: With a weathered appearance and wainscoting detailing on the head- and footboards, this Calistoga bed is a prime example of how to make the reclaimed wood look work in your home.

By the Fire

When someone talks about a log cabin, the first picture that may spring to mind is an old stone fireplace. Nothing adds more charm, more coziness and more ambience than a warm, crackling flame. While building a hearth in your home may not be an option, electric fireplaces are an easy alternative for every home.

Favourite Example: This elegant, stone and wood Austin fireplace is the perfect anchor to base your rustic design around. With a hand-hewn pine shelf to place your TV on and an adjustable heat setting, you can enjoy this beautiful accent every day of the year.

Gracefully Distressed

One of the crucial features of a rustic retreat is the distressed, worn look of the furniture. What do we mean by distressed? We're talking about visible scratches and scuffs on wood, threadbare patches on upholstery and ragged-looking home accents. The concept with these intentionally distinguished markings is to create a lived-in look, with family heirlooms at the heart of your home.

Favourite Example: With an uneven grey finish on the faux suede seating, this Floy sectional is the epitome of distressed furniture. And to give your home a luxurious touch, this sectional also includes a power recliner for you to relax on.

Classic Designs

While major furniture pieces can set the scene in your space, home accents can make or break the cabin-like atmosphere. Keepsake quilts, fuzzy throw blankets, plump accent pillows and cushy area rugs all take your space up a notch. Look for traditional motifs such as plaids and tapestries.

Favourite Example: The Anzio area rug features a damask print in various shades of beige, perfect for lying down on any floor in your abode. Sink your toes into the soft fabric, or cozy up on the rug in front of the fireplace – no matter how you use it, this rug adds an aura of culture to your home.

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