How to Live the Hygge Life by Making Your Home Cozier This Winter

People in Denmark have a specific word for the wonderful sense of coziness that we all crave during the winter season: Hygge. Now even here in Canada, we’ve started to embrace the “hygge” way of life because of how it promotes peace, serenity, comfort and self-care. Fortunately, it’s easy to incorporate hygge into your home decor with a single trip to your local The Brick store!

Here are some tips for living the hygge life and making this winter your coziest one yet.

Start with a Big Comfy Couch

Boost your home’s coziness and buy the most comfortable couch you can find. The couch is the perfect place to cuddle up and watch movies, take a nap or read a good book by the fireplace on a cold snowy day. A big comfy couch, such as a sectional, will create a gathering place for loved ones where memories will be made all winter long.

Add a Romantic Loveseat for Two

Loveseats are called LOVEseats for a reason, and that’s because they are perfect for romantic evenings at home with the one you adore. These two-seat miniature sofas are embrace hygge because they encourage you to sit close together and cuddle. For maximum comfort, look for loveseats with plush backs and sides, and perhaps even a reclining function so you can both put your feet up.

Lower the Thermostat a Little

It may sound counterintuitive to lower your thermostat to increase coziness, but this small action does a lot more than just save you money on your winter heating bill. When your home is on the cooler side, you’ll be more inclined to wear cozy sweaters, plush socks and wrap yourself in luxurious blankets. It also encourages you to make a nourishing cup of hot cocoa and gather around the fireplace.

Spend Time around the Fireplace

If your home didn’t come equipped with a fireplace, now’s the time to add one to your living room, family room or bedroom. At The Brick, we have some amazing TV stands with built-in fireplaces to help you make the most of your space while enjoying a movie and a fire at the same time. If you don’t need the TV stand component, choose one of our electric fireplaces that are safe and stylish.

Lay Out Some Ultra-Soft Blankets

Soft blankets are an essential part of hygge, so place several around your living room and bedroom to encourage snuggling and warmth. When it comes to winter throw blankets the softer the better, but stick to calming, neutral colours that don’t distract from the other serene decor in your hygge-themed room.

Place Cozy Rugs on the Floor

No one likes to step out of bed or off the couch on a cold day and feel a freezing floor under their feet. Indoor area rugs help your feet stay warm throughout the winter and also add a touch of colour or pattern to your room to complement your existing decor.  

Add Plush Pillows and Candles

To complete your hygge look, add some accessories and accent pieces to tie your room together and make it even cozier. Throw pillows are perfect for making your couch and loveseat even more inviting for lazy days at home where it’s warm. Also, add some soft lighting with candles or perhaps some twinkly lights to accent your decor without feeling too bright or overwhelming.