Finding the Right TV Placement in Your Home

Whether you’re buying a new TV or re-housing an existing one, it’s time to find the perfect spot for it to go. If purchasing, and you have decided what TV to buy, the next step is to place it. Playing around with placement lets you find the sweet spot of comfortability and quality, with an ideal viewing angle that gives your neck and eyes as little strain as possible. There are just a few things you need to keep in mind when placing your TV, and in the end, you’ll be able to happily enjoy family movie nights in comfort.

First, make sure your television gets placed in a spot with accessible power supply to support the screen and any other electronics you need, such as video game consoles or sound systems. Extension cords might make things easier, but as a permanent fixture they can be annoying and easy to stumble over. Try to place your TV away from high-traffic areas, as accidents can happen, especially if there are pets or children around.

Decide on which wall you want to place your television. Do you want it to be the focal point of the room, or do you have another main attraction you want to show off? Consider placing your screen on the opposite wall from the main focal point for a balanced room. However, remember to look out for how the sun hits the spot you’ve chosen. Sun glare can make even the most expensive screen look washed out and desaturated, so you will want your TV in a darker area to avoid having to close the curtains every time you want to catch a game.

Antoni 3-Piece Entertainment Centre with 65” TV Opening - Grey

Keep the seating as central to the television as you can. It’s better for the body to face the TV head-on, and this is also how you get the best viewing experience. Depending on personal preference, the ideal screen-to-eyes distance is around 1.6 times the diagonal length of the TV. For example, the ideal distance for a 55” TV is about 7.5 feet. Using this calculation, you get an immersive experience while achieving the highest possible perceived image quality.

Ease neck and eye strain by placing the center of the screen as close as to eye-level as possible. This is generally around 42” from the floor but can vary. To test possible heights, you can place a piece of tape on the wall and try staring at it from your spot on the sofa to see if it would be comfortable for hours on end. A TV that’s too high or too low can sometimes cause physical pain – this is why placing your television on top of a mantlepiece or above a fireplace can be a bad idea. Since the angle of the screen can affect viewing quality, consider investing in a mount that can extend and tilt if you decide to place it higher up. The end goal is for you to look at the TV straight on, so you can stay comfortable while binge-watching your favourite shows.

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Once you know where to place your TV in your room, the next step is to consider how. Decide if you are looking to mount it on the wall for a sleek and subtle look or place it on a console to add style and substance. You can even wall-mount your screen above a console for a modern appearance that still maintains the practicality of shelving and storage.

If you’re worried about how the final result will look, remember that televisions can be beautiful – some TVs come with thin bezels and the ability to appear like framed artwork on your wall. Samsung’s The Frame collection even has customizable bezels so you can create a stunning living room that suits your personality.

Any TV can look chic with some attention to detail. Surround your screen with artwork or photographs for a gallery-wall look, or integrate it into your decor by adding plants, books and decorative items around it. You can also get an entertainment centre to frame and tone down the presence of your television. Decorating around your TV gives the eye plenty of items to focus on, resulting in the black screen not being too imposing or distracting. This ensures your living room will be a beautiful space, perfect for resting, relaxing and catching up on recent releases.

Samsung 43" 4K The Frame QLED Smart TV

Placing a TV might seem complicated, with so many facts and numbers involved, but in the end it’s about how it feels to watch the screen from your seat. By testing different placements and learning what you like, you’re bound to find the sweet spot that has all your needs covered. Decor can be moved and added as you figure out what works and doesn’t, so don’t overthink the choices you make. And once you’re comfy and the TV is placed, you can pop the popcorn, invite your friends and enjoy night after night of movie marathons and comfort shows.