Find Your Recline

Everyone has an idea of what their dream living room contains – a new state-of-the-art TV, an eardrum-shattering home audio system or the coziest, most comfortable furniture possible. And, of course, a special seat in which you can recline and relax at the end of the day.

This perfect resting spot may be a stand-alone recliner, or it could be part of a sofa or sectional. It may be wrapped in luxurious leather, or cozy with chenille fabric. Regardless of your decor preferences, the most important question you should ask yourself is what kind of recliner do I want in my spot?

Push-Back Recliner

The premise is simple – grip the armrests of your chair and push against the seat back to recline. When you’re done, just push your legs into the footrest to move the chair back into its original position. If you’re looking for a basic, simple reclining seat for your living room, this chair may be a perfect match for you.

While this design may dissuade children from playing with the recliner, it may prove difficult for adults with mobility issues. Also, you get only one reclining position – if you don't like the reclining depth or it gets in the way of your room layout, there's nothing you can do. But if your dream living room is on a tight budget, this type of recliner is a great bargain without feeling you’ve given up on your fantasy seat.

    Traditional Recliner

    Remember your grandpa's or your dad's favourite chair? The one he sat in to watch the news as he pulled the chair's lever, popped up the footrest, laid back and sighed with contentment? If you are looking for something similar, a traditional recliner is the way to go.

    The best part of buying a recliner like this is affordability. As the lever recliner style is the base model for most chairs, it’s a great place to start without all the bells and whistles of higher-end seats. Plus, there are no electrical parts so you won’t need to worry about creating a tripping hazard by running a power cord to the nearest outlet.

      However, traditional recliners also make the perfect play toy for curious children. They’ll love the constant up-and-down motion of the chair, may crawl under the footrest when you’re not looking and could even try to see what kind of acrobatics they can do on the seat. Not only could they end up hurting themselves, they may break your recliner while it is still relatively new. Purchasing a warranty will help cover you in case any accidents occur down the road. 

      Power Recline

      Now this is the ultimate dream – coming home from a hard day’s work, sliding into your perfect seat and pressing the power recline button until you are lounging at the perfect angle to watch your favourite show. No jarring movements, no "one position fits all" lever, nothing but your own comfort at the press of a button. With a power recliner, your seat can go back as little or as much as you want as the footrest comes up to meet your legs.

      No matter who uses the power recliner, everyone can personalize the chair to their preferences. Whether it’s your teen lounging while they text their friends, your spouse taking a rest from household chores, or even your own time to chill out, everyone will enjoy using the power recline function to customize their comfort level. As well, family members who may have some trouble moving can easily get comfortable with minimum work.

      Similar to traditional recliners, playful children may treat power recliners as one of their toys. However, purchasing a warranty for your new power recliner will give you peace of mind in case any harm comes to your furniture.

      Something to keep in mind when purchasing a power recliner is what such a seat would require to function in your home. Consider the logistics required for this purchase, from making sure the electrical cord can reach a plug without causing any tripping hazards to ensuring your chair has enough space to recline.

        Extra Bells and Whistles

        While you may think a plain-Jane recliner is enough for your living room, it is worthwhile to consider these extras to spoil yourself:

        Rockers – When the chair isn't in reclining mode, use the rocking feature to lull yourself into a calm state. Perfect for nursing mothers and those who seek comfort in gentle movements. 

        Gliders – Similar to rockers, a gliding chair moves in a straight line to create a soothing feeling when it isn't reclining. Gliding is a smoother movement than rocking, which could be helpful for anyone who is motion sensitive. 

        Lay-Flat – Take a nap without leaving your recliner. By purchasing a chair that will lie absolutely flat, you just need to grab a blanket before snuggling in for a snooze.

        Power-Lift – If you or a loved one has trouble getting in and out of your seat, a recliner with a power-lift feature may be a blessing. The chair moves up and forward slowly, helping raise you on to your feet.

        Massage – Who wouldn't love a massage whenever they want, without leaving the house? This feature is ideal for those with chronic sore muscles and anyone who wants to indulge whenever possible.

          In addition, your chair could also include extra additions such as cupholders, magazine pockets, Bluetooth speakers or a swivel base.

          While reclining chairs may have seemed like an extravagant extra in the past, today’s furniture market has the perfect seat for every budget. Find yours today.