Everything You Need to Know When Styling Your Coffee Table

A coffee table is one of the main heroes of the living room. It can act as a table to eat and drink, a surface to style or a place to kick up your feet. Coffee tables make a room look and feel finished and add a much-needed design element. Selecting the right coffee table for your space means sizing it correctly, styling it in a way that works with your lifestyle and ensuring that it aligns with the rest of the room’s aesthetic. They come in many shapes and sizes, so read on to help you decide whether you select a round, rectangular or square coffee table.

Why are coffee tables necessary?

Coffee tables allow you to use your living area from a functional standpoint most effectively. For example, if your living space is more casual, a coffee table can be a surface to set food and drinks on when guests are over. Or, if your room is more formal, a glass coffee table can host a beautifully styled vignette. If you need more storage space a lift-top table, like the Landon Coffee Table with Lift Top, may be best for you. The Landon’s two lift-tops let you and your guests enjoy a meal or work on a laptop while relaxing in the living room.

How high should a coffee table be?

To make sure the coffee table is scaled appropriately for the room, the height should be two inches lower than the sofa or chair cushion. Likewise, the length of the coffee table should be approximately two-thirds of the length of the sofa.

Agra Coffee Table - Brown

How to decorate a coffee table

If you want your coffee table to have a designer look, the secret to styling is balance. Having lots of small knick-knacks will make it look cluttered while having large pieces can be overwhelming and heavy. Varying the items’ size and scale will create a unified, cohesive look. Blending short and tall items will provide the visual interest the table needs.

If it is oversized and square-shaped, such as the Watson Coffee Table, it is treated as a grid, so focus on styling each quadrant. This makes styling the table more attainable and organized. Follow the rule of threes for visual harmony by grouping items in three’s the different quadrants. Or, if the coffee table is rectangular, such as the Izaac Coffee Table, divide the surface into three separate sections.

If you want your coffee table to balance function and form, you can style one side and leave the other side empty to invite friends and family to set down a glass or dish. Using a tray is a great way to corral all the decorative accents while efficiently removing it when you’re entertaining. Placing your decorative accents in a tray also creates more structure and organization.

If you prefer a more minimal look, only display one or two oversized items, such as a vase with fresh flowers or a large decorative bowl.

How to choose the right coffee table for your space

Before selecting a coffee table, identify what functional needs it has to serve. For example, if you need more storage in your living area, perhaps a coffee table with lift-top would be the best fit. If you have young children, choosing a round piece, such as the Veranasi Nesting Coffee Tables will help prevent any injuries that they may get on sharp corners. The Elroy Coffee Table with Lift Top is another great option for young children, as it has fabric around the edge for a soft feel and a cozy aesthetic.

Incase you need additional floor space, selecting a coffee table with wheels is an excellent choice to roll it out of the way quickly. The Roanoke Coffee Table with Lift Top and Casters give the table effortless mobility.

It’s essential to make sure the coffee table coordinates with the existing furniture in the room, such as the entertainment centre, sofas, rug and accent tables. A neutral coffee table made of wood, stone or metal coffee table is a great selection to coordinate with the existing furniture you already have.

Veranasi Nesting Coffee Tables - Mango Wash

If you’re looking to invest in a new coffee table, visit thebrick.com for the latest coffee table trends. Then, start the new year inspired to refresh your living space.