Add a Touch of Dreamy Luxury with an Upholstered Bed

What's the first material to come to mind when you think about a bed?

If you said “wood,” you’d be in good company. However, wood beds aren’t the only option out there for bedrooms these days.

Upholstered beds might just be the piece of focal-point furniture that gives your bedroom the personality it deserves. Let’s learn a bit about upholstered bed styles and how they can instantly transform your bedroom into something special!

The Personality of an Upholstered Bed

Upholstered beds are classy, make bold statements, and soften up the angles and colours of a bedroom. They score major points for luxury, comfort, colour, and coziness. Upholstered beds seem to say, “linger a little longer,” and are perfect for staying up late to read a good book or having a lazy Sunday morning with breakfast in bed.

Reid Velvet Queen Bed

How Upholstered Bed Styles Transform a Room

When you walk into a bedroom with an upholstered bed, it’s basically impossible not to be impressed. These beds give your room instant charm, elegance, and a classic touch in a way that basic wood simply can’t.

To match your upholstered bed to your bedroom’s aesthetic, try coordinating specific textures between the headboard, comforter, bedding, and pillows, such as going for a relaxed linen look or a dramatic velvet look.

Aden Queen Fabric Bed

Upholstered Bed Designs You’ll Love

Something you might not realize about these beds is that they are awesome for storage, thanks to lift-top styles like the Cova Storage Bed and upholstered beds with drawers like the Luxor Bed. Platform upholstered beds are another option if you want a slim-profile look that’s the epitome of contemporary style.

These beds come in many different colours, fabrics, shapes, and sizes to suit your style. The Roma is one of our favourite upholstered bed series that is a charming addition to any bedroom with its options of velvet and linen-look fabric and sporting classic button tufting.

Cole Queen Storage Bed

Solo Headboards vs. Buying the Full Upholstered Bed

If you’ve decided to go with an upholstered bed, the traditional route is to buy the full bed so that everything fits together and coordinates perfectly. We’re here to tell you that there’s another option!

If you’re on a budget, try pairing one of our many headboards with a metal bed frame, and you’ll achieve the same great look for less.

Stop by one of our locations or shop online to discover your favourite upholstered bed just in time for warm and snuggly fall and winter days ahead!