7 Signs You Need a New Laundry Machine

As far as household chores go, there are few things more frustrating than putting in a load of laundry only to find that your machine has malfunctioned and made your clothes a dripping, dirty mess. There’s a certain expectation that when you put your clothes into the machine, they’ll come out looking and smelling fresh and clean. However, the costs of repairs begin to add up if you’re trying to hold on to a laundry machine until it stops working for good.

Here’s when to buy a new washing machine or dryer, based upon seven warning signs that all homeowners should know.

1. It Leaves Unpleasant Odours on Your Clothes

When you put your clothes into the laundry machine, you expect them to smell pleasant when they come out. But a washing machine in need of replacement leaves behind bad odours that don’t wash away. This occurs when a laundry machine fails to properly clean itself, and what you smell is mold and mildew growth.

2. It Causes Noticeable Leaks

Leaking is probably the most obvious sign that your washer is in need of repair or replacement. Leaks often occur because of a loose connection or overflowing water. It can also be the result of wear and tear on the hose behind your washer that occurs with usage over time. If that’s the case and you have some DIY repair knowledge, you may be able to buy laundry parts and accessories to fix the leak, at least temporarily.

3. It Moves and Shifts While in Use

It is not normal for a laundry machine to move around while it’s in use, even during the fast rinsing and spinning cycles. Check to make sure the machine is level and prop it up one foot if needed. If this doesn’t do the trick, a replacement should be in your near future so that the machine doesn’t slosh water out onto your floor or disconnect itself from your wall, causing even more costly damage.

4. It’s Excessively Noisy

Laundry machines shouldn’t be expected to be 100% silent, but an excessively loud machine is often a sign that a replacement is needed. This is especially true for laundry dryers that have become unlevel or need to have a drum or motor mount tightened. These kinds of repairs can be costly, so it may be worth simply getting a new dryer if yours is getting old and outdated.

5. It Has Become Rusty

Laundry machines are designed to be rust-resistant because their entire purpose involves coming into contact with wet clothes, sheets and towels. If you notice minor rust on your laundry machine, especially on the inside of the machine, you may be able to clean it with lemon juice or vinegar. However, if rust is noticeable on the exterior of your machine, this is a sign of corrosion damage and may be a warning that your machine is in need of replacement.  

6. Its Water Isn’t Filling Properly

Another sign that you may need a new washer is if the drum doesn’t fill up like it’s supposed to. This could be because of a kink in the machine’s hose, a water faucet issue, or because of the setting you’ve chosen on the machine. But if you have the washer on the largest load setting and it’s still not filling up, it’s time to call a repair person or shop for a new washer.

7. It Isn’t Energy Efficient

Both washers and dryers use a lot of energy in a home, which translates to higher electric bills and more of a toll your household takes on the environment. If you’re wondering when to buy new laundry machines and your models are over eight years old, it is likely they are not operating as efficiently as they could be.

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