6 Ways to Cozy Up Your Space for the Winter

Show of hands: who's excited about winter?

One of the best parts about living in Canada is the changing seasons that signal the passing of time and give us something different to look forward to all throughout the year. Sure, you can look outside the window to observe the seasons change, but you can also celebrate that beauty indoors with seasonal home décor ideas. As you get ready for colder months ahead, here are a few ideas for winter decorations to cozy up your space.

1. Add Some Soft Throws and Pillows

Just sit back and relax, because there's nothing better than cuddling up with a good book, your favourite TV show, or someone you love when the weather is chilly outside. The Mongolian Sheepskin Accent Pillow's 13 colour possibilities ensure that it will go perfectly with your favourite winter decorations.

Mongolian Sheepskin Accent Pillow

2. Swap Out Your Bedroom Sheets

Say goodbye to those light and breezy summertime sheets! This is the time to slip into something soft and cozy when you settle into bed for the night. Flannel sheets are soft and warm on cold winter nights, but we also love Masterguard® Ultra Advanced sheets for winter because they use an Ultra Fine Syn-Tec weave that's exceptionally smooth and luxurious.

3. Add Some Colourful Area Rugs

Even on the dreariest winter days, a colourful area rug can liven up a room and instantly add character to an otherwise boring part of your home. Geometrically patterned rugs give your floor a modern and artsy look, while an Alpaca Snow Area Rug will instantly transform your floor into a cozy winter wonderland.

Geometrically Patterned Rugs

4. Brighten Up with Lamps

With the sun setting so much earlier these days, lamps can brighten things up around the house while also brightening up your mood. The Jayden Table Lamp with USB Port is a functional addition to desks for long evenings of working remotely and end tables next to your favourite recliner for reading a holiday romance novel. To add a touch of jaw-dropping elegant flair, the Atlas Pendant Ceiling Light features crystal beads hanging underneath the lightbulb like the water droplets of melting snow.

Atlas Pendant Ceiling Light

5. Stay Organized with Coat Racks and Hall Stands

Winter scarves, hats and bags have a way of piling up at entryways and creating clutter that you simply don't need in your life. The Juno Storage Hall Bench and the North Avenue Coat Rack are wonderful entryway options for your essential winterwear storage.

6. Add Warmth with an Electric Fireplace

To add literal and figurative warmth to your home and make it especially festive for the holidays, why not pick up an electric fireplace that's oh-so-much easier than hiring a contractor to come to build a traditional wood fireplace for you? What's sweet about electric fireplaces is that they're multifunctional pieces of furniture that also serve as TV stands, which means that this room addition won't take up any additional floor space. Popular models like the Margo Glam Fireplace even have a remote control so you can adjust heat and light without ever having to get out of your comfy blanket.

These are just a few of the many winter home décor ideas that we can help you with at The Brick! How will YOU stay cozy this winter?

Margo Glam Fireplace