6 Space-Saving Tips for Ultra-Functional Small Rooms

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to a personal living space. Small spaces help you keep things simple and embrace a minimalist lifestyle, but they can also create some challenges when life takes a turn and you’re spending more time at home.

To help you make the most of small spaces without cramping your style, here are some space-saving tips to try in tiny rooms!

1. Set Up Your Home Office with a Fold-Down Desk

Lots of people are finding themselves working from home for the first time right now and in need of a little extra space for a home office. But if space is limited, there’s no need to splurge on a big desk that takes up way too much floor space. To solve this space challenge, we love the Pentland fold-down desk that magically transforms from a compact filing cabinet to a desk with a neat little hideaway chair.

It’s a desk when you need it, storage when you don’t – perfect!

Pentland Fold-Down Desk with Chair

2. Get Strategic with Your Lighting

It’s easy to get caught up in furniture solutions for small space issues, but easy lighting hacks can make a huge difference too.

Ditch outdated floor lamps and table lamps that take up valuable space. Instead, upgrade your lighting by giving it a dual purpose with one of our lamps integrated with USB charging ports. Not only will you be able to customize your space based on your own personal style thanks to the interchangeability of lamps, you’ll also never need to search for that charging cord again! Simply adding more light fixtures to your small room can get rid of dark shadows and make everything feel more spacious while making the small things in life easier.

3. Maximize Sleeping Space with a Futon

What’s a futon, you ask? Well, it’s only one of the most amazing space saving inventions ever to enter the Canadian decor scene!

Futons keep functionality in mind with the capability of turning into an additional sleeping space when you need it and a sofa when you don’t.

Perfect for your living room, spare office space or media room, a futon maximizes your space’s utility. By placing one of these comfortable and functional pieces in your home you instantly increase your sleeping space as well as the space you have for entertaining. These crafty beds save you from investing in additional beds and sofas for family guests to enjoy, both saving you money and making you the best host you could possibly be!


4. Embrace the Eat-In Kitchen Concept

Eat-in kitchens are cute, trendy and space-saving . This setup is ideal if you live by yourself or with one other person and can make do with a small round table and a couple of modern chairs for a dining nook. A bench pulled up to the counter, or a built-in banquet works just as well. Install some floating shelves on the wall for a dining-themed display, add a vase of fresh flowers and you’re done – simple as that!

Chelsea Round Dining Table

5. Try an Ottoman with Hidden Storage

When you buy new furniture for your small home, make sure it is a multi-functional piece that will help you save space. An ottoman with storage is a perfect example because it doubles as guest seating and a place to hide away things when you don’t need them. With sneaky storage stashed underneath where you sit, you can invite guests over and have plenty of room to hang out and socialize!

6. Find Great Techniques From Organization Gurus

Staying organized and minimizing clutter is a key component to living in a small space, but you don’t need to reinvent the wheel if organization doesn’t come naturally to you. There are hundreds of blogs, YouTube channels and Instagram pages dedicated to organization, so take a bit of time to do some browsing for ideas that resonate with you.

Add an extra shelf in your pantry to keep spices organized and easy to find, install a cutting board rack inside a cupboard to keep them out of sight and use a magnetic tool holder strip to hold office supplies in jars with metal lids. Other ideas to try are placing shelves above doors for towels and blankets, hanging cleaning spray bottles on a rod under the bathroom sink and putting a lazy Susan in the fridge to keep condiments organized and within reach.

At The Brick, we’re full of advice about how to save space no matter how tiny your home is. Book a consultation with us for even more helpful tips like these!