Fort McMurray

As a proudly Canadian company, we were all shocked and saddened by the devastating wildfires in Fort McMurray and across the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo in May and June 2016. Our hearts go out to those who were affected, and we have come together as a family to lend our support.

We are extremely proud of our team members for all of the dedication they put into helping families displaced by the fires. From donating money, to volunteering their time, to taking in people who just needed a place to stay, our team members have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

As a company, The Brick is dedicated to helping support and rebuild Fort McMurray, Brick by Brick. With your help, we donated $168,094 to the Canadian Red Cross to help with relief efforts for Fort McMurray residents. As the rebuilding continues, The Brick will continue to help Fort McMurray residents in any we can.

Operation ReLeaf

Tree Canada’s “Operation ReLeaf – Fort McMurray” program began by planting trees in publically-owned natural, forested areas to facilitate regrowth. The restoration project continues with a focus on residential and street trees, including a project aiming to restore the tree canopy in Beacon Hill, one of the neighbourhoods hardest hit by the blaze.

Fridge Replacement Program

For those whose homes were spared by the fire, we knew there were immediate needs to deal with once they were ready to move back in. Through our Fridge Replacement Program, we filled trucks and trailers with thousands of refrigerators and shipped them to Fort McMurray. As residents returned and needed to replace their fridge, we had plenty of new models in stock for them to take home the same day. We even worked directly with insurance companies to make the claims process as simple as possible.

Holiday Pop-Up

When the holidays came around in 2016, we knew this would be an extra difficult time for people in Fort McMurray. Families had lost homes and all their worldly possessions. As a small gesture of kindness, we hosted a holiday pop-up where Fort McMurray residents could enjoy some hot chocolate and pick up a free Christmas tree or wreath.