Other Initiatives

High-Efficiency Lighting Upgrades

The Brick has upgraded the lighting in nearly 50 of our locations, dramatically reducing our energy consumption. We’ve replaced at least a portion of the lighting with high-efficiency upgrades in each of our distributions centres, including all of the lighting in the Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg locations. This new lighting consumes less energy, gives off better quality lighting and requires less maintenance.


Fleet Improvements

By replacing older delivery and service trucks with newer and more efficient models, we’ve been able to reduce our environmental impact. Approximately 50% of our fleet is less than four years old, while the remainder has been on the road for less than eight years.


Reducing Energy Use

In each new major renovation or construction project The Brick has recently completed, we’ve installed energy management systems to optimize our heat and electricity consumption. In all other locations, we use programmable thermostats to keep energy costs low. Future plans include installing higher-efficiency HVAC units into our facilities.