Kids Bedroom

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Who says children’s rooms can’t be stylish? (Not us!). This kids’ room combines ageless design with comfy accessories and a playful attitude. Result: a room that’s cool now and can be easily updated in years to come. Here’s how to design a kids’ space that will grow with them from childhood to young adulthood.

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Up, Up and Away

Bunk beds use vertical space so there’s more floorspace to play on.
Bonus: they provide zones for personal space, even if siblings can’t have their own bedroom.

Open Storage

Bookcases keep toys off the ground but well within sight so no one misses their prized possessions. Larger pieces can sit on the shelf, but smaller items should go into baskets and bins for a tidier look.

Fun-sized Furniture

Our cuddler armchair comes in three sizes, making it a great fit for nurseries, bedrooms, family rooms and more. Its plush upholstery is perfect for snuggling into, especially with a good book!

Have Fun with Your Walls

Basic white can be dressed up with wall decals, wall art and ornaments. It’s the perfect match to natural wood furniture, creating a chill, Scandinavian aesthetic.

Have Fun with Your Walls

Layer up for extra comfort. Putting a rug on top of another rug gives you double the style, double the padding...and double the sound absorption during rowdy play sessions!