Living Room

Modern Edge

Think modern for an upscale living space that’s designed for comfort too. Leather furniture creates a high-end aesthetic but is surprisingly low maintenance for your busy lifestyle! Industrial accessories add function and style.

Intrigued? Here’s how to give your own living room a modern edge.

Shop this room:

Luxe Leather

A butterscotch leather sofa whispers “quiet luxury.” It resists lint and pet fur for a clean, tailored look. Best of all, it will age with grace, since leather looks even better with time.

A Place for Everything

Tidy your coffee table with a tray. Trays keep arrangements in place, and save time when you need to clear space for refreshments or work.

Break it Up

Skip the loveseat and pair your sofa with an armchair (or two!) instead. This versatile seating is easy to move around and creates a cozy nook when set aside on its own.

Eclectic Accents

Add personality with a cool side table. Smaller is better if you’re aiming for a clean, modern look. This industrial-inspired metal table has the perfect amount of space for decorations and refreshments.

Customize It

Curate your living space with Sofa Lab. Now you can design your own seating, from armchairs to sofas and sectionals, with style and upholstery options for every taste.