Make it Moody

Need help drifting into your Zen zone? If winding down is a challenge, consider a bedroom makeover. This bedroom gets its calming vibes from a dark, restful palette and dark wood furniture. Here’s how to create a calming retreat you’ll love retreating to, day or night.

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Banish Clutter

A tidy bedroom is a calm bedroom. This bed tucks storage underneath, so you won’t be tripping over extra baskets or end up with an overstuffed closet.

Dim the Lights

Keep the overall lighting mellow and low-key. Low-wattage bulbs overhead are best, and use table lamps for task lighting when you want to read.

Boutique Bedding

Nothing feels as good as slipping into crisp, freshly laundered sheets. This Kort & Co bedding has a casual navy and cream palette that suits all ages and genders. Use it in your room or a guest space.

Mix n’ Match

Try pairing your dresser with a hanging mirror. It’s less matchy-matchy than a mirror that’s fixed to the dresser, and creates a more relaxed and casual vibe.