Q&A with Kortney Wilson

Q and A with Kortney Wilson

Get into the holiday spirit with ideas and inspo from Kort & Co.’s design expert, Kortney Wilson.

When it comes to creating holiday magic, there’s no better expert than Kort & Co. design lead, Kortney Wilson. Here’s what the HGTV personality had to say about her new holiday accessory collection and how to celebrate in style.

You have a new holiday collection at The Brick—what was the inspiration?

I realized that home is about love. So, when we picked these pieces, we kept this in mind. We wanted them to feel traditional with a modern twist. We went with neutral colours, like black, green, and natural wood elements. That way people can inject their own flare with pieces that have sentimental value. These pieces will stand the test of time and become a part of your holiday traditions.

How does the idea of “home” tie into your most cherished holiday memories?

"Home" is the memories we make each year, from the time we were little, that last a lifetime: grandma's holiday dish towels, mom’s cookies on the cutting board, the greenery that fills the house... They all contribute to the feeling we get when we pull those items out each year. That is home. It's not about the actual place where we live. The memories that we take with us will never go out of style.

What do the holidays mean to you at this stage in your life?

The holidays are like a big breath! Sometimes it's easier to slow the pace down when you know that everyone else is as well. The pressure is off, and I can appreciate what really matters. For example, sitting longer at the dining room table and forgetting about the dishes in the sink. I hope this holiday collection can remind people that we need to take time to enjoy the little things!

Finally, one last tip, please. When you are pressed for time and unexpected visitors may be popping by, what’s an easy way to create a welcoming holiday vibe—fast?

That’s easy: a charcuterie board! That’s why I insisted on having boards in my new collection. They are my go-to for a last-minute gathering or a huge party, and the board itself is a great thing to take to a party. Bring a board of desserts with a note for the host attached saying the board is a gift. I’ve never received a charcuterie board that I didn't love!

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