Living Room

Holiday Drama

Let your true colours shine in a bold, eclectic space designed for entertaining. This high-energy living room is all about merging different design eras, furniture styles and colour in a way that feels curated but never cluttered. Here are 5 design tips for getting the look.

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Eclectic Seating

Add a club chair... or two! They complement many different decorating styles and allow you to increase seating in a big or small space. They’re also an easy way to add a bold statement colour. Choose a swivel style so you can join every conversation.

Pair Neutrals Together

Choose a neutral coffee table. Paired with the neutral sectional sofa, this faux-marble coffee table helps create a bright, expansive living room mood. Its durable, easy-clean surface is ideal for serving appetizers and snacks on.

Maximize your Space

Use every inch of space! Get more from your living room by using every square foot. Add a desk and chair to turn an architectural nook into a home office, or kit it out with a bar cart or bookshelves instead.

Accent with Tables

Always have enough tables! Accent tables are a living room’s best friend. Move them around and use them as side tables, laptop perches or decorative stands for holiday floral arrangements and candles.

Double Duty

Cozy up to multi-purpose furniture. Save floor and wall space with a two-in-one fireplace and TV stand. The fireplace adds instant ambience, whether you’re hosting a streaming marathon or just chilling with a good book.