Children’s Miracle Network

Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) is dedicated to saving and improving the lives of as many children as possible. With 14 children’s hospitals across Canada, CMN helps provide exceptional medical care with the latest equipment and medical research.

Whether kids suffer from common childhood afflictions like asthma and broken bones, or fight bigger challenges like birth defects or cancer, the children’s hospitals supported by CMN provide comfort, treatment and hope to millions of sick kids each year.

Did You Know?

  • Nearly 5,000 children receive medical care every day
  • One in 10 kids in North America is treated by CMN each year
  • 257 surgeries are performed each day on children
  • Nearly 8,000 diagnostic imaging procedures are done on average each year
  • More than 3,000 researchers are working on diagnosing causes, developing treatments and finding cures for children’s diseases

Not only does CMN help relieve the financial burden Canadian families’ face, but CMN gives kids and their families a home away from home during a distressing time. These kids aren’t in faraway countries or from opposites sides of the country – they’re in your community. They may even be your own children.

When you donate to CMN, the money goes directly to your local children’s hospital to fund critical treatments and health care services. In 2021 we were named the Children’s Miracle Network Corporate Partner of the Year, and donated a whopping $1,997,120 to Canadian kids in need. Since our partnership with Children’s Miracle Network began in 2014, The Brick has helped raise over $9.6 million for children’s health in Canada.


Looking for a keepsake that also gives back? The Brick donates the proceeds raised from the purchase of each Brickley Bear to CMN. Visit your local Brick store to get yours today!

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